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More and more businesses are going paperless and taking advantage of the many technologies that are now available. eSignature services are some of the most useful of these new advances. There are numerous benefits to using eSignatures for both your business and your customers. Here are just a few of them.

It’s faster

eSignatures remove the need to send, print, scan and re-send documents – unnecessary steps that waste precious time. Customers appreciate the speed and ease with which they can sign documents electronically. It saves you time as well and allows you to get paid faster.

Reduces costs

When you save time, you also save money. You save directly by using eSignatures as well. There’s no need to purchase paper and ink or pay for printer repairs and shipping costs.

Track your progress

With eSignatures, you don’t have to sit around wondering whether your customer received the contract and when they’ll be getting it back to you. eSigning services provide you with immediate notifications when your documents are received and signed.

Enhanced security

Electronic documents can be protected more easily than paper documents. Security software can safeguard your contracts and alert you if any of them are tampered with. You will also be able to see who changed the documents when and where, making it extremely difficult to do anything fraudulent.

It increases sales

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of eSignatures is how they can impact your sales. Customers are likelier to choose a contract they can sign digitally because it saves them time and effort. A study by the Aberdeen Group found that using eSignatures increases yearly turnover by 3%.

eSigning will save you and your customers time, money and effort, offer better security and lead to increased sales. See for yourself how these benefits can impact your business by signing up for a plan or free trial with Simple Sign today.


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