With so many businesses moving out of brick-and-mortar stores and into the world wide web these days, the need for purchases, deals, and agreements to be completed in one fell paperless swoop is becoming more and more necessary. There has been an enormous overtake of e-signature technology lately, however that’s not surprising. In a world that’s gone nearly totally digital, e-signing is just the icing on the cake.

Oftentimes, what starts as an online transaction turns in to a paper one, simply because a signature is needed. That’s where the importance of e-signing comes in. In order to create a complete and seamless, end-to-end process online, there needs to be e-signature technology involved. Yet not only do businesses seek out this technology for convenience reasons, but customers do, as well. They love the ease and time-saving qualities that e-signing brings to their online operations.

In addition to providing easier and faster transactions, e-signature technology also helps to provide better customer service. Businesses of all sizes seek growth in the number of customers they serve. With e-signing technology, companies are able to bring a personalized approach to the transaction without the hassle of papers and pens. And any web-enabled mobile device with a touchscreen can be turned into a signing pad! From home, work, or anywhere with internet service, customers enjoy easier transactions, which, in turn, creates greater satisfaction.

Did you know that the average time it takes for a paper transaction to be processed is days, sometimes weeks? Whereas the average time it takes for an electronic transaction to process using e-signature technology is minutes. To a business owner, saving time during transactions means you have more time to reach out to new customers. And saving time on the consumer side means you have more time on your hands for the things you love.

With e-signing, you’ll not only improve efficiency and customer service, but you’ll also cut costs and save important environmental resources. It’s estimated that over 10,000 paper sheets are used by one person per year in an average office. That equates to one whole tree! Can you imagine how many trees you’ll be saving by using e-signature technology? Can you imagine the costs you’ll be saving by taking paper out of your business budget?

With added security and easy-to-use applications, e-signature technology is quickly becoming the way of the future. Do the math. You’ll be surprised. Integrate e-signing into your business today.

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