Digital signatures are the future
Electronic signatures streamline your internal processes and improve the consumer experience. When you use Simple Sign, you as the sender can choose the level of security (also called the authentication method) that is appropriate for the particular document.
Using your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can close deals with your clients within seconds, obtaining necessary signatures safely and securely.
Which industries use electronic signatures?
Today, companies throughout the business world rely on electronic signing. Electronic signatures are now a common way of doing business, and you’ve probably used them when opening a bank account or making a purchase.
The world is increasingly converting to electronic over digital signatures. Making the switch from recorded calls, mailed paper contracts and PDF scans to electronic signature collection is easy, and it’s also quicker and safer.
Sales teams, HR teams, retail shops, insurance agencies, real estate businesses, banks and more are all reaping the benefits of Simple Sign. We’re helping some of the largest and most well-known companies across the world increase efficiency, trust and security.
How to get started with Simple Sign?
To get started with Simple Sign, simply create your free trial account. In moments, you’ll have your account established and you’ll be able to send out your first test agreement. Then, choose the payment plan that best suits your business needs and you’ll be on your way to easier, more secure signature collection.
Simple sign is a great tool for large and small businesses alike. If your company sends fewer than six contracts per year, you may be eligible for our free program.
What level of security should your company choose?
Many companies choose a security level that will not create any extra steps or obstacles for the recipient, while still maintaining legal viability. Simple sign was created to serve as a professional way to let you decide how each document should be signed.
Simple Sign stores the GPS coordinates, email addresses, personal identities, IP addresses, telephone number, date and time and signatures of all who signed using an automated process.
Your sent documents can be tracked in real-time so you always have access to where, when and how recipients have interacted with them. Throughout the authentication process, a strong connection between sender and recipient is formed, reducing the risk of fraud or forgery.

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