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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As a SaaS-based company, we already have a relatively low environmental impact. Our multi-tenant solution is designed for clustered computing. Put simply, this means we use server resources only when traffic requires, and we can dynamically scale up or down as needed.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

The environmental benefit of electronic signature collection is clear. Less paper equals a cleaner environment. At Simple Sign, we are dedicated to minimizing the negative impact that we have on the environment while making our world a cleaner place. We strive to be an environmentally friendly company that helps others to reduce their carbon footprint as well. The ecological implications of massive paper use are well-known, and Simple Sign provides a more sustainable alternative for companies that need a simple, secure, and legal way to obtain signatures and personal information as part of their day-to-day operations.

At Simple Sign, environmental awareness is a top priority and our business model reflects this. Our employees are encouraged to make environmentally sound choices. Whenever possible, we purchase products and supplies that are eco-friendly and we encourage our business partners and customers to take a similar approach.

Companies that span across a variety of industries are reducing their cost, stress and wasted time with Simple Sign. Printing, faxing and mailing documents consumes time and increases the amount of paper that ends up in the waste stream. At Simple Sign, we want to help you keep your vital client information secure and easy to access, without causing harm to the environment.

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