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Replacing the pen-to-paper signature, the digital signature has radically altered the way in which we conduct business. Global trade demands digital contracts, and Simple Sign offers the next phase in e-signing.

Join the e-Signing revolution

The adoption of the e-signature has been critical to the realization of end-to-end digital processing. Until recently, companies often failed at generating electronic transactions by pulling data from a CRM (customer relations management) system, only to acquiesce to paper when a signature was required to finalize the deal.
e-Sign solutions assist clients in signing on the dotted line. With e-sign, SaaS (software application as service) integration to CRM, document signing is seamless. Push transactions requiring legal signatures downstream in no time with e-sign digital authorization. Now that mobility is on the rise, contracts can move forward without a hitch. Take global business agreements a step further with an e-sign smartphone solution. The results are nothing short of revolutionary.

The Simple Sign e-Signature solution

Simple Sign’s launch in 2012 made it possible for companies to send contracts from a subscriber account to any device. Now companies can manage POS invoicing and close a deal with a client all from a single application. Contracts sent via e-mail or text message are managed in the same way as those signed during an onsite office meeting.

Simple Sign e-Signature Features

• Smart reminders – to alert a recipient to sign
• Smart tracking – real-time document locator record
• Security and signature – designated controls to select how a document should be signed
• API integrations – for the improvement of existing enterprise systems capabilities
• All documents in one place – storage archive

Simple Sign also allows users to request signatures by way of e-Signature, Bank ID, Secure PIN, and more. Join the e-sign revolution today by visiting

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