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EU regulations

European Directive 1999/93/EC is the law the European Parliament passed in 1999 stipulating that electronic signatures have the same validity, authenticity, and legal bearing as a traditional pen-to-paper signature. As of July 2001, all member nations of the European Union accepted eSignatures as legally binding, both domestically and internationally, and that the European Union’s Court of Justice will treat an eSignature as binding in most matters of commerce. Exceptions in some regions include — but are not limited to — the purchase of property and marriage licenses.


US Global regulations (ESSU2)

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN, Pub.L. 106–229, 114 Stat. 464, enacted June 30, 2000, 15 U.S.C. ch. 96) was passed into law by the United States Congress in June 2000. ESIGN makes all verified eSignatures valid and legally binding with respect to a majority of commerce on both state and federal level though, again, there are a few exceptions.


Court-Accepted Audit Trail

Simple Sign creates a micro-fine definition transaction trail between signing parties. To provide the user or recipient with a transaction history, we track and time-stamp relevant information from the moment the document is submitted for signature to the time it is signed and secured.


Popular Among Law Firms

As law firms around the world embrace e-signature solutions for contracts, legal documents, and other applications, Simple Sign maintains a current and internationally approved system for both verification and tracking. We believe this effort maintains our position above our competitors as the trusted expert in paperless signing capabilities.


Regions of use

Authorities, enterprises, and small and big companies use electronic signatures for commerce, negotiations, and every other form of necessary agreement. Whether for the US Army, the world’s largest hiring companies, the world’s biggest banks or small start-ups, eCommerce and eSignatures play a vital role in everyday operations and transactions.


Ask us and we will help you!

We are here to answer any and all of your eSignature questions, particularly with respect to exceptions to which eSignatures are not legally binding. Click here to chat with one of our eSignature experts or contact us via email at: info@simplesign.se. We also have operators standing by at: +46(0)8 559 20 102. We can answer questions with respect to both domestic and international eSignature transactions.

Simple Sign eSignatures are equal in validity and are equally as legally binding as traditional ink signatures. Every transaction is certified with a secure audit trail that accounts for each step in the transaction. The audit trail contains each party’s name, email address, IP address, and a record of the day and time the eSignature occurred.

Simple Sign offers multiple levels of signing options to secure the most sensitive contracts. Alongside our legally approved standard e-signing solution, we also provide a two-step verification using a PIN or Swedish BANKID, commonly used for money transactions.

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